Growth in Luxury Transportation during Recent Times

Luxury Transport has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. There are more electronic components in a luxury car or plane these days than there are mechanical components. Infact NASA says that a 2016 Cadillac or BMW vehicle has more electronic components than there was in the first rocket to space!


What exactly constitutes Luxury?

But luxury does not only mean the electronic jazz thats inside a vehicle. Every little detail from the leather seats to designer handrests, luxury has taken itself to the next level.

A RV or party bus in some countries come with perks that some people have no idea even exists.Even the driver’s area has a designer finish that most people would love to have in their own car. Prince Alwaleed’s car for example comes so loaded it is insane. Featuring hand crafted leather seats and upholstery, with touches that include invisible stitching, it will give any King a run for his money.

Today, autos ranges from car, roadster, hatchback, Mercedes, BMW, Limousines, station wagon to hybrids, or game utility vehicles that are broadly accessible in all sizes from little to substantial and super amplified ones with costs going from high to high.

Emperor’s New Car

When the Emperor of Japan deemed that the Nissan Prince Royal state cars in use were no longer appropriate, he commissioned Toyota to produce four new vehicles to transport him and members of his family. The result was the Toyota Century Royal limousine. Unlike other conventional Toyota Century cars, this special version comes with wool cloth upholstery and rice paper finishing to give it a more traditional Japanese appearance. It also comes with entry steps that allow the Imperial Family into the car easily made out of granite.

Luxury cars and vehicles have come to symbolize the status of the wealthy these days. Luxury aviation travel is another sector that has literally risen into the stratosphere. From Etihad airlines which provides your own apartment (for a mere $20,000 roundtrip from New York to Abu Dhabi), to Emirates airlines which provides your own shower in the sky, luxury has a whole new meaning now.

See the video for an inside look on a Saudi Prince;s Luxury fleet

Different Levels of Luxury Cars

There are diverse levels of autos that are section, mid, high or ultra level extravagance autos. Presently each of these is outlined remembering diverse sorts of purchasers. Generally the conservative official autos are known as the passage level extravagance autos and this reach incorporates autos like Alfa Romeo 159, BMW 3 Series, Lexus IS, and Volvo S60 and numerous others that comes in cantina, home, roadster and cabriolet body styles.

Mid-level autos offer status, incredible fit and complete, and elite peculiarity that create a unimaginably decent driving knowledge. Average size extravagance autos have autos accessible like Ford Crown Victoria, Holden Commodore, Toyota Crown, Chrysler 300C, Lexus GS, BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XF, Mercedes E-Class, and the Lincoln Towncar.

At the point when cost is not a major ordeal for you and the state gas assessment doesn’t involve sympathy toward you, than it’s unquestionably time for you to pay special mind to the top auto for yourself. For the most part these high or ultra level autos give each ruining extravagance conceivable from gigantic drive to walnut wood insides. Producers that raise autos for this class are worried over components like front line innovation in execution and configuration. On the off chance that you have a longing for the latest and most noteworthy auto than your requests can be satisfied well by ultra extravagance autos like Audi A8, BMW’s 650, Mercedes Benz E Class, Cadillac CTS few to name.luxury2

The divide between the rich and the poor has become even larger thanks to the advance in technology. While the poor cannot even afford a meal in most countries, the ultra rich dont think twice before splurging $20k ticket to fly to another country for vacation!

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