Obsession Over Luxury Impacts The Economy


Luxury Obsession is one of the major drivers of the economy. Yes you heard that right! Men and Women all over the world are mesmerized with luxury and brand names that they fork over hard earned money to acquire what they perceive as luxury. It’s a classic case of keeping up with the Jones!

Handbags to Watches

From handbags to clothes to mobile phones to travel, luxury has become an inseparable part of any commodity. Women spend hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars on handbags (just to keep a few dollars and a stick of lipstick!

Why do ladies love handbags to such an extent? Some say this is on the grounds that the tote puts forth a definitive expression: Before you open your mouth to say a solitary word, your handbag represents you, letting you know all that you need to think around a lady’s economic wellbeing in the public arena, acquiring force, and design insightful. Be that as it may, more so than, maybe it is the look of extravagance, style, and complexity that attract ladies to totes.

Our purses fundamentally hold our lives inside them, including our most individual and dearest assets from our mobile phones, cosmetics, cash (where else yet inside the coordinating wallet!), perhaps a change or garments or shoes on the off chance that you favor the larger than average pack!

Your Handbag Determines Your Self Worth

Numerous fashionistas feel as though they wouldn’t set out leave their home without a fitting pack to supplement their outfits. Also, to an ever increasing extent, it is turning into the tote that forgets you remaining from the group. Alongside a dynamic and all around styled outfit, obviously!

What ladies are searching for in totes is attractive configuration and the visual offer of most extreme advancement. Simply the straightforwardness of being business-like finished off with a look of immaculate, unadulterated extravagance.

Here is an insane video on Luxury in the Middle East

Since there are numerous rich and well-off individuals who have riches to appreciate each sort of extravagance in this world. Numerous rich individuals take joy in extravagance homes, get-aways, inns, autos, sports, collectibles, apparel, gems and extras. Numerous ladies are gigantically satisfied purchasing rich adornments and extras. These extravagant extras incorporate distinctive sorts of adornments things, shoes, watches, packs and handbags. Here some lavish brands of packs and satchels are said.

The Hermes Birkin sack is a standout amongst the most sumptuous packs on the planet. It is amazingly astounding. It is implanted with two thousands precious stones with platinum body. The strap of the pack is splendid and astonishing. It can be removed the sack and can be utilized as neckband or an arm ornament. Sack is decorated with a precious stone pendant which can likewise be utilized independently as an extra.

Watches and Men


Another luxury item that women and men indulge in is mobile phones. One such cell telephone is the Obsession Aphrodite Collection. This cellular telephone is designed with precious stone from all locales. A portion of the specialized points of interest are as per the following:

This is 18k handcrafted extravagance cell phones. It is precious stone encrusted and consequently it is very immoderate also. The full grain calfskin cover up is certainly among the best offices. To the extent the semantic portrayal is concerned you will be entirely entranced to note that this wireless backings around 16 dialects. This is simply magnificent. You will have an incredible time utilizing this contraption as a part of various dialects.

Aside from the specialized headway you will likewise discover that different pearl stones are being utilized as a part of this cell telephone. You can dare to dream for a superior time and the extravagance telephones will furnish you with such an extraordinary time. This is unquestionably very valid too.

Million Dollar Time Piece

Another extravagance brand has made a costly satchel whose outline is accessible in 13 same pieces on the planet. The Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Hand pack is a tasteful sack with adaptable outline. The cost of this pack is $1,261,000. The sack is made with white gold and the shimmering shoulder strap is additionally made of white gold. The sparkles and shining skin of the sack is perpetually dazzling.

Lana Marks is an extravagance brand which is well known for costly and elegant satchels and handbags. This brand produces extraordinary Cleopatra grips. One and only Cleopatra grip is created each year. This pack is made by crocodile skin and decorated with high contrast precious stones and white gold.watch

Since the style of naming a brand with some VIP name is in vogue. There is a brand which has named a handbag on the name of renowned performing artist Jane Birkin. Jane Birkin Bag is made of crocodile skin and decorated with white precious stones. The cost of the pack is $120,000

In short if you are living in the 21st century , you are impacted by the obsession of luxury in your life!